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"Mild Porosity Filterrods has also become main product for market area in Indonesia, due to recent and in future cigarettes factory which has produced and will produce many of Mild Porosity Cigarette Filter."

Mild Porosity Filterrods is kind of filterrods that used for Mild/Slim filter cigarette product where type of the Plug Wrap that is used is a Porosity. This type has function to filter/reduce the content of tar and nicotine in the cigarette. The main raw material that is used is Cellulose Acetate or better known as Acetate Tow. And for supporting raw materials, we use Plug Wrap Porosity as the wrap and Treacitine for binding the filaments of Acetate Tow. Mild Porosity Filterrods is usually used for cigarette product with a small diameter among 6.80 mm – 7.00 mm.

Specification Products

  • Length : 100 mm-  120 mm
  • Diameter : 6.80 mm - 7.90 mm
  • The Mild Porosity Filterrods specifications are adjustable to special requirements from clients.
  • All specifications product has met the international standard for prediction in the limit range/tolerance of the product.

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