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About Us

"For BMS, every aspect of productivity is equally important and synergy in the production of filterrods with the prime quality".

1. Human Resources

Human resources have become the spearhead of the success in a business process. Therefore, every human resources in BMS is a professional and selected staffs who has creativity, highly motivation and innovation in their job. Besides the recruitment process with a tight selection, the company periodically arranges an internal training and sends their staff in seminars in order to improve their quality and working performance.

2. The Expert

The experts in BMS have provided with special training in accordance to their job division, so that each expert can optimally working in creating product with prime quality.

3. Technology

To produce the high quality filterrods, production machines are very much reliably needed. As a company whose always give priority on the product quality and consumer satisfaction. BMS facilitates its production activity with the latest and high-end technology machines which is all using the production computerized system to produce effectiveness and efficiency in optimally production. The machine has the capacity of producing of 40D meters/minute.

4. Laboratory

The production of filterrods must through the checking and observation process from laboratory. BMS has its laboratory with a completely computerized equipment system.

Data of the measurement results directly put into an online system computer to the administration product division so that it can be reviewed from the day, date and time of production at anytime.

About Us



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