BMS is a company that produces filterrods, which is one of the important components in cigarette production. At the beginning of their activity, BMS has the ability to produces a rich production of 10-20 million stem filterrods every month, to meet the demand of the domestic tobacco companies. Along with the growth of the tobacco industry in Indonesia, BMS also trying to improve even more, both in quality and quantity of their products. To meet the standard specifications of each - each consumer, the company has continuously conduct research and development laboratory and moderniasai latest production technology.

At this time with four (4 ) units of production machines, some lab equipment unit with Hi - end technology and computerization, and a number of 200 employees including experts , have become an important asset for the company. Although competition in this industry is getting tougher, BMS continues to improve its products and services to consumers . In fact the company has steadily grown and branched out into the world Expanding international cigarette industry.

BMS filterroads currently produces 2 kinds of filters, Regular Filters and Filter Slim, both of which have good quality and have been tested in our laboratory.

Currently BMS Filterroads has tested in laboratory and has a machine with the latest specifications to produce filters with high quality.

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